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infocom6502 wrote (edited )

That high frequency microwaves are harmfull and people should not hold their cell phones millimetres next to their head. Typical cell phone usage (over 1+ decades) causes around an 5x-8x increase in brain cancer risk. 8x conservatively if you factor out effects similar to the "second hand smoke" effect (RF pollution, towers, rf household devices). Close proximity to cell towers will likewise raise various risks for cancers by a similar amount.


cute wrote

I believe you, but please give me a source. I'm always critical when it comes to anything about *waves.


bloodrose wrote

Do people still talk on cell phones? I almost never talk on my mini pocket computer. I pretty much never answer phone calls. You better text before you call and if you ask to call, my first question is "why?"


_caspar_ wrote

I much prefer to talk to someone over the phone rather than text. texting acts similar to posting here: in short snippets lacking the nuances of voice conversation, which lack the nuances of in-person body language. texting feels incredibly alienating, even worse than writing emails. perhaps only communicating through likes and dislikes is the next stage, when folks begin to find it irritating taking too much time to text.


bloodrose wrote

Oh, I agree. I don't like to text instead of communicating. I just can't stand talking on the phone. :) I use texts for any planning communications. I don't use it for emotional communication - but then again, I do very little of that these days anyhow.