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I thought I'd have my first post asking y'all a time in your life when you drank that good ole dumb bitch juice.

A personal favorite of mine was in like, first or second grade. The teacher had us individually write a summary of a book we all read together. I misunderstood what she meant by "summary", and started copying the book literally page for page. I did this for like half an hour before my teacher told me what a summary actually was. I still laugh about that.



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lettuceleafer wrote

Thats a pretty funny story and I hope you enjoy raddle. Just to warn you off I'd probably change 2/3 of your username. Ableist and sexist language gives off a bad impression of you.


mr_wrong OP wrote

Thanks for the heads up!
Guess I didn't really think about the nature of the language my old name used, so I'll have to keep that in mind from now on with my humor.