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ziq wrote (edited )

  1. An admin hid the forum from the front page due to complaints from old users, which kills any chance of reaching critical mass because refugees will check the front page, see nothing about chapo and lots of posts with no comments, and go right back to reddit to tell everyone "raddle is dead".

  2. Another admin started banning chapos for saying 'crazy' which gives both the and owners lots of handy propaganda to smear raddle with.

  3. I filled f/cth with anti-tankie memes because tankies were mass downvoting me as part of their usual entryist tactics (and I'm petty af). I made clear tankies will never get modded on raddle, which made the tankies tell everyone on discord and reddit that raddle is anti-communist (and dead) and that was the only option. I then made an account to fake-invite chapos to just so I could mock their pink hammer and sickle and shit on them some more, hoping my counter-propaganda would at least get the more anarchist leaning chapos to stay.

At this point I've given up trying to get through the chapo discord propaganda machine to promote raddle as a chapo replacement. The discord and its 10,000 members all being fed "left unity" propaganda by their tankie overlords is really not penetrable at this point, so I just want to hurt as much as I can before it turns 10k demsocs into raging stalin fetishists.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I knew something is off about this "b-but that's not left unity..." comment! Felt... artificial... Well played.


ziq wrote

a real tankie would have found a way to purge all of us from our own site


mofongo OP wrote

Seeing it like that makes it appear premeditated lol. This is what unity in action looks like.