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CaptainACAB wrote

Okay. Tankies aren't replacing mods. Tankies aren't becoming admins either, If you don't want odds, I won't give them to you. Going to be hard to continue this exchange, though, because I can't give absolutes on future events.


RanDomino wrote

They won't if they're banned on sight. I haven't seen anything else effective.


mofongo wrote

They're not banned on sight, we break them first.


CaptainACAB wrote

But then we don't get the chance to make fun of them.

I haven't even seen an ML here, yet.

Tankies that fall into red fash territory get banned for breaking TOS; the ones that don't quit when they get bored. Getting them to crack and reveal their reactionary positions is a fun game; they always either say something to get banned or they get mad and leave.

They're a nuisance at worst and a joke at best.

It's been established that if they were to become a mod, they can be demodded and anything that they've done can be undone.

You know you can block users, right? Just hover over their username and the botton should pop up.

Don't deprive me or anyone else the joys of enraging tankies just because you don't want to engage with them.


RanDomino wrote

They're fascists. You don't engage with fascists.


CaptainACAB wrote

Yes. If we're using the more affable definition of engage; but I'm using engage in the more combative sense. I'm not saying that you or anyone else has to or should go into an honest debate with them.

Banning them on sight just makes them feel like they've won.

Humiliating them usually deters them from coming back and we don't come off as hypocritical, which newer users may care about regardless of how ineffectual a tactic pointing out hypocrisy is.