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TheDeed wrote

I don’t know anything about entryism so I should probably look that up

A lot of people seem like legit upset I copied those Marxist reading links into the megathread


ziq wrote

We've had bad experiences with tankies trying to seize power and purge all dissent on this site. I doubt anyone cares about Marxist lit tho, just ML stuff. Historically, MLs always purge anyone who isn't loyal to their party, but they pretend to care about "left unity" in the lead up to the revolution, before they seize power and kill all the people that actually fought the revolution. It's happened so many times that you can safely set your clock by it. The same thing plays out online when they worm their way onto mod teams.


RanDomino wrote

Ban PringlesCaliphate and hogposting for being obvious tankies. hogposting posted Parenti and PringlesCaliphate is running cover for it.


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

Bans on raddle are covered by the terms of service, anyone of any left or post left political ideology who complies with that is not going to get banned. This of course de facto excludes fascists and various types of authoritarians because of the wording of the ToS. This posture has been the case on Raddle since before i got involved. It is a way to create accountability, transparency, trust, and a welcoming environment for people to interact on the site.

when tankies try to do an entryism here, i am of the opinion that they should simply get downvoted to hell and clowned on all the way back. it has worked well so far