i think i've come to the conclusion that i'm an anarchist

Submitted by lempamo in lobby (edited )

to explain imma give some background about the history of my political beliefs. (apologies if this is kind of messy)

my dad (before he became a raging MRA asshat) was the one who got me interested in politics in the first place right around the election of '12, but my real awareness of political issues didn't start until that business guy i had only known from some reality show i saw ads for decided to run for president. i aligned myself with the democratic party at the time because trump and the other republicans didn't seem to be the best kind of people, and i thought that was really the only other option.

at first i supported hillary in the primaries, because the media was pushing for her hard. i quickly changed my mind when i learned of the existence of bernie sanders. being a zoomer boi with no red scare indoctrinated into me, sanders' ideas and his "socialism" seemed really appealing to me and i immediately fell in love with his campaign. despite that i wasn't really so eager to call out hillary or obama, at that point i was a dumb liberal who thought they weren't really bad in any way.

after 2016 happened i started to look into my political beliefs a bit more, especially after the midterms. with the help of many leftist resources, i found my political beliefs moving leftward and leftward, until eventually i decided to call myself a socialist. a "democratic socialist" who believed in socialism, but with a state still involved running things.

that was how it was until just now. when thanks to reading some anarchist literature and doing some thinking for myself i finally realized "hang on, having a state in a socialist society doesn't make sense. with the state running the economy all you have is capitalism, except with it controlled entirely by the government. if i want socialism it will have to be without any sort of state and all and holy crap i'm an anarchist."

and that's pretty much it. after 5 years of political awareness and evolution i went from liberal to anarchist. wheeee

please correct me if my reasoning is faulty on this transition, but i hope i've got things right



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ziq wrote

Good on you. I wish more socialists would 1 + 1 = 2 like this but weirdly they seem to think 1 + 1 = Stalin Save Meeeee


_caspar_ wrote

looks like the disillusion train has taken off! wait until the cracks of mass society, humanism, the polis (politics->policy->police), technology, and civilization start to show. then youll be in for a real wild time ; ]


CircleA wrote

Now you just need to mix in some nihilism with your cereal.


ziq wrote

I never start the day without a bowl of Nihilistos.