Submitted by mokes in lobby

Dear raddle,
I'm so pleased about finding you. 
In the past few days browsing you, I found so much joy.
Renewing my interest in anarchist theory, I feel motivated to seek out fellow anarchist in my city again!
Coming from reddit, which for me is a place of addiction, boredome and depression. I feel like a burden is lifted from my shoulders.
I finally found a place to waste time and educate myself at the same time.
You gave me some hope again! A tiny spark of purpose.
Thank you for that.
yours mokes



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Hello.. reddit is awful indeed. Welcome home.


AlyoshaK wrote

Hey there, I just discovered raddle a couple of weeks ago and I'm really glad I did. I've also come from reddit and feel like time spent here has been much more valuable.


c0d3dworld wrote

hey. whats up. its good to be here. im looking forward to bein here.


sand wrote


ya raddle is rad. probably a solid 3-4 major life improvements of mine incited by posts here


ziq wrote

That would make a good self post.


Articuno wrote

Hi Mokes, nice to meet you. Do you play pokemon?


mokes OP wrote

Is this some kind of code?
Remember playing some in my youth on a gameboy.
was nice. :)


Articuno wrote

Yes, it was. Modern ones are still good, and can be played in emulators. Black and White are great for that 'Who's that pokemon' feeling.


a_perfect_map wrote

There are so many intense pressures from all directions exerting themselves violently on the individual, it is so hard to be your own person and hanging out here spamming you guys lol and reading everyone's stuff definitely helps ease the pain of being alive. We've seen some of the same things and its had a similar effect on us maybe. Welcome everybody else new, I hope if feels like you are not as alone.


zddy wrote


can we ask which city?


mokes OP wrote

Currently living in Germany. So I guess I'm quite off.
(assuming raddle is mostly US based :)