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Nakroma wrote

Why is anime counter-revolutionary? Serious question


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

I'd argue that anime in general promotes fascism (at least from a westerner point of view. I can not talk about how anime affects japanese since they do not have the same culture). In anime you can find:

  • Meritocracy. Often, the only way of advancing plot is mc beating the stronger and taking theire place.

  • Hierarchied societies (for example the divisons in bleach)

  • Passive/unassertive women (+harems)

  • Seinen/Horror plot rely on people beign naturally evil

Of course there are good anime, and not all anime follow these points, and watching anime wont turn you fascist, but I would not be surprised that lonely 4chaners idolizing anime and living in virtual worlds got theire political opinions from them.


DKv54 wrote

So you are saying that despite an anime having those themes and watching them, they won't make you a fascist? Is it okay to enjoy anime that might have problematic elements like that?


GrimWillow wrote

Much of "western" media propogates bullshit too. Anime is like a medium for expression. It's not fair to blame "Anime" style for problematic messages just because problematic messages is what is distributed most.


sudo wrote

Most anime is very sexist, and sexism is counter-revolutionary.


ziq wrote

They said that all anime promotes pedophilia.