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DeathToAmerica wrote

r/latestagecapitalism banned me because some tanks were calling me a liberal for opposing statism, as well as capitalism.


tapeworm wrote

Didn't you know opposing all forms of oppression is liberal as fuck, fam?


zombie_berkman wrote

i got banned for the exact same thing some ML was talking shit on syndicalism and i called him a state capitalist and got banned


BlackFlagged wrote

It's so ironic when state-capitalists call anarchists liberals.


Defasher wrote (edited )

Or 'anarkids', like we're too immature to understand how integral murderous dictatorships are to establishing communism.


vacuousaptitude wrote

I definitely got a 3 day ban in LSC for participating in a discussion about religion and pointing out the way that things like sexism and homophobia are perpetuated by many religions (focus on the Abrahamic set.)

For questioning the ban I was muted from messaging mods for 3 days and the ban was extended to 30 days.


happysmash27 wrote

Wait… bans aren't forever? I got banned from /r/communism and didn't see a time it would end…


vacuousaptitude wrote

They can be forever, there can be any length of bans really. Usually subs will ramp up 3-->30-->forever something like that but if they really dislike you instantpermabans aren't even rare.