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This isn't time for sectarianism and ego trips. Biden is the nominee and we have to accept that. If we don't get behind him and bring the party together, Trump WILL win the election. Four more years of fascism will be an unmitigated disaster for all the people on the margins of society. We need stability. We need a Democrat in the White House. It's time to get busy and get the word out. The time for revolution is passed. Now we need to reclaim our country from the monster who stole the last election.



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rot wrote

voting won't change the system that killed and abused under bush or obama. what will "stability" get us? we had detention centers, war, police and fascism weather democrat or republican.

"The time for revolution is passed"

stfu liberal


emma wrote

Not American, but if I was, I wouldn't vote for a rapist.


ziq wrote

Anyone that shills for a rapist war criminal is a shit person.


LeftHack wrote

Why vote when you can organize or grow a garden


Funbucks4ketamine wrote

On one hand I'd say that voting takes like five minutes, but you need to be organizing right now. It's a double edged sword no matter what we do. I'd say that voting for a spineless neolib might be the best thing, but it could also be used by fascists to leverage their ideology. At least if we make enough noise Biden might stop putting kids in cages. But it could also speed up the death of neoliberalism, for better or worse. The main thing at this moment is winning the war of ideas, we're gonna get executed by the fascists if we can't win that fight. Vote for Biden, or don't. Just fucking organize. At least that's my stance lol.


Raico wrote

I'd say that voting for a spineless neolib might be the best thing, but it could also be used by fascists to leverage their ideology.

I'd argue that if something it does nothing but strengthen and further normalize the far-right. The last years in Europe are a great mirage of it imo, where every election not only saw a rise of far-right parties but also (and that's the major problem really) a derive to more right-wing positions by the rest of parties through adopting partial narratives and legitimizing the far-right.


ziq wrote

When Syriza in Greece immediately kowtowed to the IMF and sold out everyone that voted for them, imposed austerity and misery for years, finally ending with a catastrophe where scores of people burned to death because of the party's incompetence, it wasn't surprising when voters picked a rightwing ruler the next time. The same exact thing happened in my country.

There is no way for "left" politics to work under capitalism, it'll always fail to give people a better life, and cause the country to steer right in response, as the rightwing parties are much better at appealing to people's base instincts when they're in survival mode (fear, paranoia, racism)... And everyone is perpetually in survival mode because that's how capitalism works. Keep people struggling to keep their head above water so they're too exhausted and distracted to fight back and risk losing whatever privileges they have over people with less than them.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I want trump to win your election, it is the only way that most of you will be motivated to do anything useful


CaptainACAB wrote

This "marginalized people need non marginalized people to vote" shtick is getting really fucking old. It was never a good argument. It was never really true, not even for marginalized folks within the fucking country you want your party to be in charge of; for those outside of the country? Forget it. Sure, you can say that Dems are the lesser evil (which is a lazy argument for someone who presumably believes in democracy), but it's really more like they're the polite, less overt evil. Fuck that. Dems have always just passively accepted norms while chiding radicals for rocking the boat whenever the latter fought for the same marginalized people to have some measure of dignity; only to claim credit for bringing reforms that barely improved the lives of marginalized people; Obama didn't believe in gay marriage until it was politically convenient and socially acceptable for him to do so. Your precious party is a dying husk filled with greedy, incompetent people that lack principle and a reason for anyone to waste even 5 minutes to try to empower. Your begging on raddle of all places should maybe clue you in on how dull your politics are.


hardwarecult wrote

wow. anarchs are really disconnected from reality.


emma wrote

remember when centrists spent two years fawning over the mueller report, how it was going to undo the trump presidency and make america great again, only for it to be a complete dud? biden stans are the same thing, but with a different daddy.