Radical reddit is dead, long live raddle

Submitted by EdgyIndividualistBuffoon in lobby

The teenaged edgelords of FULLCOMMUNISM have managed to kill their sub's popularity and I rarely see it anywhere now. Even the memes on the sub have went from "spicy DSA special" to "chud memes but with red flags" quality.

Which is probably why they're taking over the funny leftist subs (like r/chapotraphouse) and ruin those too. All they do is go from place to place, wrecking it and then looking anew.

Please don't let tankies take over raddle - it's the last refuge of the libertarian left.



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rutabaga wrote

I think it's partially that once subreddits reach a certain number of subscribers the average quality of submissions goes down. It seems to happen everywhere.


BlackFlagged wrote

There's no way stalin-worshippers can take over raddle as long as this is forbidden in the Terms of Service:

Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide.


Mullvaden wrote

I'm to old and too European to know what a 'tankie' is.


tnstaec wrote

The term originates in Europe.


Mullvaden wrote

Probably not in the non-English speaking parts, I've never heard anything similar.


zod wrote

I think you're exaggerating a bit, why would the fullcom mods want to mod a liberal cesspool like chapotraphouse?


EdgyIndividualistBuffoon OP wrote

Just watch for LSC, FC, /r/soc etc mods coming in to the non-authoritarian subs to post a lot and try and make friends. Inevitably they will make it to the mod team where they can destroy the sub.

It happens over and over again. Watch the mod lists and you'll see the tankie mods get added to the bottom as soon as the sub gets popular, and then the mods above them slowly get purged until they've taken over the sub and turned it into a Stalin-circlejerk like all the others.

r/latestagecapitalism is a great example of the tankiefying process.


zod wrote

You spend way too much time fixating on this shit.


MarkVale wrote

its common knowledge in the redditsphere on the contrary.