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emma wrote

boris johnson has covid-19, lmao


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Probably because he didn't remember to poop at least once per day.


emma wrote

i've been warning people about this


FuckCopyright wrote (edited )

Apparently some Brazilian politicians likely have it too and their response is terrible. I hope it infects and kills Bolsonaro next, that shill for gender conformity and neoliberalism!

Also hoping it strikes Erdogan, another neoliberal pig that wants to enforce one fundamentalist Islam and a racist policy that has killed other Muslims and threatened the livelihoods of others, whose allied institutions have influence over a newly developed mosque where I live!

Putin and everyone sympathetic to or working for United Russia should be next too! Their misogynist, racist (Putin accused Jews and Tatars of election interference in the US and blamed Poland for the start of WWII) and anti-LGBT (the LGBT community were likely used as a scapegoat against Russia's declining population) creed has turned Russia into a fascist state!

COVID-19 is appearing worse in some areas and has taken innocent lives, but they don't deserve to die. These poor excuses for carbon should.


rot wrote

there were rumors he had it, I guess proven false for now?


mofongo wrote

His son confirmed he had it to fox news but later retracted it when Bolsonaro did. If he had it, only suffered a mild reaction.


Pop wrote

covid-19 tested positive for boris johnson imo


ziq wrote

Can't decide who to root for: prince charles's covid or johnson's.