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mofongo OP wrote

I thought we were going to be forced to come to work during the entire quarantine, yet by the end of the day the military came and force the company to let us out with full benefits. It was like a fantasy of mine, but with less military and more angry mob.

It's only the first day and my family have prove to have a complete lack of ability to take care of themselves. Nobody ate at lunch because the women had to go out of town for the day.



BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Patriarchy infantilizes men


FuckCopyright wrote (edited )

Tumblr may need to hear this but it's radical feminist spaces tend to be full of TERFs that want to kill men and all transfemme and eventually gender non-conforming people.

I don't know if Tumblr's reputation has changed much since the whole Gamergate shitshow took off. I generally only go on there for fandom and 2000s stuff I love because Tumblr's one of the few spaces which serves such; more mainstream social networks tend to flat out ignore them (there are legitimate reasons to hate the 2000s, but there are just some people who do not identify with the 2010s culturally or even like it in many ways).


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

What are the rules and the punishments for the lockdown there?

Edit: also, if any of you raddle people are in any kind of lockdown or curfew, what is is like, and how do you relate to it?

I'm trying to prepare ways to manage if things get that bad here.


TLBM wrote (edited )

We need to print and fill in a paper that explains what we are doing and why each time we go out. Authorised activities are:

  • sport, jogging alone basically
  • shopping for food
  • going to work

If we don't have the paper we're fined 130€. The amount fined is going up because people are ignoring the confinement laws.

Personally, due to the size of my family compared to the size of my house, I'm nearly never alone. Ironically, the confinement makes me have more social interactions than normally. It's tiring*edited for spelling


TLBM wrote (edited )

A couple of my teachers have started giving classes on discord because of the confinement. Each session is 50% class, 50% helping the less tech litterate students to log in

There's not enough space in my home, we're 8 in a 4 bedroom apartment.


ziq wrote

What if your reason for going outside is to go to a store to buy a printer?


mofongo OP wrote (edited )

There aren't any punishments and rules are pretty lax, the government is hoping people will do the right thing. Mostly it is.

Transportation between city is intact, there aren't any cops or military moving around. It mostly feels like a holiday, some are taking it like one too.

If it happens like here, things will escalate fast as soon as the first cases appear. The most needed items (face masks, paracetamol, and alcohol gel ran out). An education campaign around face masks is very good, like how and when to use it. Disposable one are cheaper and it's what most people look for, but people that really need it (old, inmunodepressed, sick, etc) a reusable one would be of better use.

Edit: I've heard people are homemaking them or improvising, but I'm unsure how effective they are.


bloodrose wrote

I've heard tell from my company's HR department that police are asking where people are going when they are out and about. Because a few of our workers are considered essential (we do some tech for hospitals), they are issuing the workers notes on company letterhead explaining that we are essential and thus it is ok for us to work. Otherwise, I haven't left my house sine the shelter-in-place order went out so I don't know what the reality on the street is. I have been trying to encourage my family to take walks with me outside to get some fresh air but no one is taking me up on it. I've been doing squats and pushups indoors. At some point, I want to get outside.