How can I not lose faith in anarchism, the only system I can embrace?

Submitted by FuckCopyright in lobby

Sadly I often feel like we're fighting a losing battle.

Sure, people are waking up to the fact that all cops are (racist, among other things) bastards and that capitalism needs to be ditched to save this dying world and its inhabitants, but sometimes I feel like people aren't going far enough; sometimes, I think they may be even going backwards, e.g.,

  • Letting companies control what they keep in terms of the content they enjoy through subscribing to or regularly using DRM-locked streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Netflix). I can attribute this partly to technological illiteracy, but piracy is far more anti-capitalist than this bullshit of like just using Spotify and ad-blockers/fake premium accounts - Spotify can still stop you from listening to the music you love because it's not making enough money.
  • Subscribing to religious fundamentalism (the brand that works in the expense of women, LGBT+ individuals, other religious and ethnic minorities) or supporting authorities that espouse it (e.g. America, Russia, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc.).
  • Simply thinking capitalism and/or copyright are in any way justifiable.
  • Thinking business is good, even if it's at the obvious expense of human rights.

I'm just angry and sad. Everyone thinks anarchism is plainly criminality, a fantasy, ridiculous. I can't do anything but just scream silently. As someone with few connections and as someone who is dealing with a ton of personal issues, I can't take much risks against authority since the costs for me will be too great. I didn't even think anarchism would be possible; I do a little more after reading up a little bit on it, but it's still depressing to me that it will take multiple lifetimes for anarchism's goals to even be achieved in systems that do not practice obvious censorship.

I don't know what else to say but I'm getting sick of it all.



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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Anarchism is not some far off society, it exists, in little ways, everywhere we look. Do not get caught up in some far away ideal or fantastical utopias, anarchism is real and it is tangible right now.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

We are fighting a loosing battle, but that doesn't mean that you can't find joy in fighting for the things that matter to you.



FuckCopyright OP wrote


I don't think I can trust politicians or even someone without their power to ever fight for stopping our culture from being used for profit; all I know is that pirating can at least save those things that people enjoy for their message (and not for their profit-generating nature) from their impending doom under this increasingly locked-down system. I wish I knew what I could do but I'm not sure yet; if I did I currently don't feel capable of doing much else to fight the system.


SomeIconoclast wrote

I won't bullshit you; I honestly don't think anarchism would be feasible in my lifetime. And I believe that things will get much worse before they get better. But what exactly does that do for me? Do I conform to the politics of everyone else? Fuck no, because I know too much about how authority works; I'd fucking lose it. Do I just allow myself to be swallowed by pessimism and seethe in my own anger until I hate myself and everyone around me because I see myself and others as complicit in our shared oppression? I've done that; it's availed me nothing, it doesn't solve anything and it certainly doesn't make me feel good. What's left for you to do then other than defiance?

I can't take much risks against authority since the costs for me will be too great.

You're far from the only one, people don't want to die and no one wants to go to prison. US anarchists are fucking trash (myself included), but the fact that our heavily militarized police force would gleefully gun us down to the thunderous cheers and applause of just about everyone else is about as close to a decent defense of our comparative docility as you can get. People have lives, loved ones, and responsibilities and to toss those away to become martyrs to a cause, however noble, is antithetical to anarchism. Besides, outright defiance isn't the only way to advance anarchism and you're just one person. You can't save everyone and you have to acknowledge that you can't truly liberate anyone, that's something that they have to choose for themselves. Do what you can when you can and try your hardest to extract some form of joy out of life.


JayGrym wrote

When people of various religions knock on my door to spread the good word about their belief system, I utilize that time to inform them about anarchism. The last ones that showed up were two young Mormons. They were very nice and showed genuine interest when I began telling them all the cool things I see anarchists do. They were under the impression that anarchism is the chaos Hollywood advertises. They left but hopefully with a more open mind about Anarchy. In this way, I am keeping my solutions/contributions small and manageable enough that I don't feel overwhelmed.


FuckCopyright OP wrote

Great work!


JayGrym wrote (edited )

Thanks! I hope it helps you manage how much pressure you put on yourself. All we can do is fight what we have the power to fight and take the opportunities presented to us to undermine the system. We're in The Matrix lol


mustard wrote

mormon missionaries are so cute! also annoying alol , maybe depending on the mood


JayGrym wrote

I find it always to be entertaining and informative to talk to them about anarchy. All the ones I've talked to said they have no knowledge of what anarchy is. And they seem eager to understand it. I talked to those two for around 45 minutes and maybe 2 minutes of that was directly about religion. Everything else was about travelling, anarchy, and how it's practiced in small ways every day by nearly everyone. People think about the end result (often coupling it with some post-apocalyptic scenario as the premise) too frequently.


surreal wrote

there is no battle to be won, only the struggle that lets you sleep in peace with your conscience at night.

once you come to the realization of what anarchy is all about you can never go back, and you shouldn't just because humans aren't capable of achieving it.

there is a relief to inevitability.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

5 * 10^3 / 7.5 * 10^9 (or something like that; I have no idea what the statistics are) is a small number, much smaller than 7.5 * 10^9 / 7.5 * 10^9, but 1/1 is equivalent.

Because I know trying to accomplish anything on a large scale is futile and overwhelming, most of my ideas are on a small scale— for example, here are a few of these:

  • Expand my garden to a point where I can share food with others.
  • Help to raise awareness on foraging.
  • Encourage useful and resilient crops as well as ecologically sound techniques in the area.

These seem rather lofty, but they do lower the size of the community by, in my case, a factor of about a million, making the idea of anarchy slightly less incredible.