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lori wrote

i just wanted to be able to make rent


ziq wrote

A country built on exploitation is never going to serve the poor.


El_Sabate wrote

You would think this would drive some of them away from electoralism, but they're all doubling down. I honestly don't know how to break them out of it. It's a fucking brain disease.

I think deep down, it's cowardice. Many of the demsoccs and socdems and all of the DSA "activists" know deep down that the only alternative to electoralism is actual rebellion. Not waving signs or peaceful protest or posting on twitter, actual rebellion. And since they are not willing to do that, they have to believe in electoralism.


CaptainACAB wrote

I'm even less invested in this election now. I didn't think it was possible unless I moved out of the US.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

I mean i dont like bernie but i think he’s at least a step above ‘racist old rich creep’


ziq wrote

I'm having a lot of fun watching r/elizabethwarren falling into crushing depression. Looking forward to r/voteforsanders succumbing to it next.

Also very angry and sad right now. Just sat on my kitchen floor with my phone looking at the news crying. Hers is the first campaign I've ever genuinely been excited about. I talked to anyone who I thought would listen about her. I never donated to campaigns until this.

I don't regret my vote at all because I voted for who I thought (and still think) would make the best President.

Tonight reminded me that most Americans don't actually pay much attention to politics. I found out my brother didn't vote at all because Klobuchar dropped and he didn't like Warren because she "lost credibility with the Native American thing." Sigh.

I was hoping to get about 100 delegates today. Instead we got 10 or so. I don’t want her to drop, but I just feel like the path to the nomination is tough, if it even exists at all. But tomorrow I’ll wake up and start texting voters in the next state, because giving up doesn’t get us anywhere. I’m in it until Liz tells us she’s done.

the absolute erasure of warren is the single most tragic thing about this election. NYT's briefing included this quote from a voter:

“I don’t think we have a perfect candidate this time — we don’t have a Barack Obama,”


I'm in it til the end. I've been spending 5-6 hours a day text banking for the past two weeks, and I'm going to keep at it as long as she does. The more delegates she has going into the convention, the more power she'll have.

Three and a half ago, I was attending my local Hillary Clinton victory party when I felt a feeling that sounds a lot like what you're feeling tonight. I spent hours crying that night, as did a lot of other people. It sucked then and it sucks now. There's no getting around that. Take your time to deal with the pain and disappointment. It's important and you deserve it. But don't let yourself get discouraged by this.

This probably isn't the last time this is going to happen to either of us. But we're fighting the right fight, and fighting it next time is just as important as fighting it this time. I'm confident that we'll get there eventually.



zilla wrote

My favorite part is where they call Obama a perfect candidate.


rot wrote

bernard stans will just become dsa stans and will pick a new state social safy net mascot like aoc


rot wrote

hoping it's berned vs trunps just so it's interesting. then i'd consider voting just to get a mildy left prez, just to see what happens.


mofongo wrote

Would you think of the ratings?!!!

If BS wins, it's either an Olympic level gridlock on Congress or a short presidency.