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n_n wrote

This last months have been brutal, a lot of work and personal problems added with the problems related with my disability are killing me. I just want to escape to the woods and never come back to the civilization again. 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

We get regular scheduled power outages here because the power infrastructure has been left to maladministration and disrepair (in that typical neoliberal way where in a few years vultures will show up making their case to a desperate people for why privatisation was obviously the only way it would work).

Anyway my point is that if you have a podcast, please make it easy to download! If I don't have power I can't stream anything :/


celebratedrecluse wrote

a few more lab supplies arrived today, but I am still waiting on the reagents


Grace wrote

I can't wait to see how far you go in this project!


Grace wrote

Tomorrow I plan to lift more than $100 from 4 stores, it's mainly gonna be food, but good lord am I excited. I bought some neodymium magnets yesterday off amazon along with a trans pin and some chokers, pretty excited!!


Majrelende wrote (edited )

How does one become a doormat, or more, a doormat that finds joy in irritating others for not being themselves doormats?


rot wrote

I hope we can allow new accounts soon


Twisted wrote

I just found this site today, and it doesn't seem all that bad, although I scanned over the posts of the recent drama it's had, and all I have to say is that people in large groups suck sometimes. But that's just me. There seem to be some good people on this thread though, commiserating with each other's down points and encouraging others that are working on various projects and trying to better their situations. I know that I am new, but that kind of stuff helps.

So to all, chin up and hopefully better things will come about. And good luck to all with projects and the like. :) I hope that your day gets better!