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An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Ok! I can't thank you all with separate messages right now so, thanks to u/TheLegendaryBirdMonster, u/enforcedcompliance, u/transtifa, u/avbeav, u/kore, u/ordinaryDrain, u/mofongo, u/ziq, u/celebratedrecluse and u/F_x for all your help!

A lot of people have recommended thinkpads but it seems that there is a large variety of them so I'm slightly lost there, but I've got some great directions. If I have time I might ask more direct questions later in relation to specific comments.

I appreciate you all :)


ziq wrote (edited )

You can buy laptops that come with linux pre-installed by the manufacturer if you're worried about hardware support. Newly released components (especially wifi cards) sometimes take a few months before they're supported by the Linux kernel, but this is becoming more rare.

If you get the laptop from a manufacturer or a shop that sells it with Linux pre-installed, you'll know it won't have any hardware problems. Dell sells some laptops with Linux installed, for example:

And so does Lenovo (Thinkpad):

And of course there are the Linux-exclusive companies:


avbeav wrote

You're welcome.

One more thing, maybe. I usually just bring a bootable Debian live USB drive with me to some electronics second hand shop and ask to try out a laptop before buying it. Many shops are fine with that.