Submitted by vMU9 in lobby (edited )

Notable posts and comments in the last week. Link to the Raddle pages that you thought were interesting, engaging, funny, whatever, and tell us a little about why you liked them.

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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote (edited )


Cool to see how famous our fellow raddle user were


As a rule, raddle user arent people people/persons, but still like people. What else could we expect from internet anarchists?

/u/black_fox's memes were pretty cool all week.


Pop wrote

A lot of raddle users are trans, and a quite a few raddle users have figured out that they are trans while being users of this site. Which is pretty cool. This was confirmed casually by another user this week


poly wrote

Not really a post or comment, but a troll/trolls went and messed with many of the wiki pages a couple days ago and filled them with reactionary bullshit and links to some shady website. I went and reverted a decent amount of pages that I saw were tampered with but it turned out I had missed multiple more so thank you u/ziq for cleaning up the rest of them!


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Yeah thanks for your help. I just dealt with deleting and banning their accounts. It's unusual people get away with so much before an admin gets to dealing with it.