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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Don't remember, though I usually consider individual posts to be part of a larger project.

I don't know why, but I think about this meme a lot, and it's the second most upvoted meme I've posted here.


enforcedcompliance wrote

I have some art work on an old Reddit account that reached 3-6k uplikes. I even managed to sell one handful of them thanks to that attention -- too bad I refuse to use Reddit for almost any reason.


[deleted] wrote


enforcedcompliance wrote

You just gotta have such a hard time holding your tongue you get banned in record times. Also I'm pretty sure Reddit is mostly just a bunch of bots talking to bots and it's so boring.


Basil wrote

I once got to the front page of Reddit for about 2 hours by making a meme about World War 2 and posting it to r/History Memes