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black_fox wrote (edited )

annoying that the only real way to have an alternate address is to buy a P.O. box. some places won’t accept “general delivery” as an address.

also seems fucked up ripped jeans are seen as “fashionable” but my ripped shoes aren’t


ziq wrote

A ton of sellers won't even ship to a PO Box. I have to write it in my own language so they don't know.


black_fox wrote

interesting and annoying. i thought of doing a box with UPS (they'll always accept packages) but it's more expensive. either way i'm more just looking for an address to give out, don't need to actually get mail there.


celebratedrecluse wrote

theoretically, can't you just make up an address?


black_fox wrote

this place needs a piece of mail in my name to verify address. i could do "general delivery" at a post office but they don't accept that.


extremecouponing wrote

I think ripped shoes are fucking rad! I own a pair and I rock em pretty regularly. Fuck what everyone else thinks, you just do your own thing yo. That's the key to fashion imo, just rocking whatever you got