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I keep messing up with "yesterday" and "tomorrow". From now on I will use "beforeday" and "afterday"

Also, sometimes I'm fucking up with "Tuesday" and "Thursday", so I propose to change them to "Twosday" and "Foursday" respectively. To bring other days of a week to an uniformity, "Monday" now is "Onesday", "Wednesday" is "Threesday" and so on, you got the idea. "Friday" can stay tho, they're cool.

Any other changes you would personally like to make?



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gone_to_croatan wrote (edited )

I have trouble with almost everything grammar (and syntax)

Prepositions major issue, some conjugation too.. maybe I should study dunno, broken English is cool but not cool alright (too much internet tho) . Maybe I will add some examples if I remember any


tuesday wrote

Broken English is great. I'm all for hybrid language use.

One of my favorite things is using Spanglish.


moonlune wrote

change the whole calendar for it to be regular and perennial!


Bezotcovschina OP wrote

it requires to redefine all time measurements. which is interesting task, but not necessary linguistic one.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Anarchy needs a rebrand. I suggest ziq alt. We should go the Tankie route and make an identity after an idol.


tuesday wrote

Being in the process of learning another language I would say that the worst part about English is our lack of consistency in spelling/pronunciation. I appreciate in Spanish that, with a few exceptions, letters sound like the way they sound all the time so it's very easy to hear words and know how to spell them to look them up.


bloodrose wrote

This reminds me of a tumblr image grab where someone was complaining that SEPTember should be the 7th month and OCTober should be the 8th month and asking who fucked it up. And then someone responds they were the 7th and 8th months until Julius Caesar added July and August. And then it was okay because at least the person responsible for it was stabbed.


[deleted] wrote


bloodrose wrote

Lol, killjoy. My favorite meme is every March 15th new stabbing of Julius Caesar memes appearing on the internet. You can't steal this from me...I will believe untrue things about him that justify jokes about stabbing him and you can't stop me...hahahahaha!


Fool wrote

Yester means in the past.

So it literally means before day.

To as a prefix means on/at
Morrow means morning or near future

So it basically tomorrow means "on the morning" - because without a clock the morning is the start of a day.

Thursday ... Foursday

Thur is the Angelo version of Thor. / So if you have a speach impediment like me, it already is foursday /s


Quicksilver wrote

Let's not forget overmorrow (the day after tomorrow), and ereyesterday(the day before yesterday)

I dunno, I quite like the weekdays being related to the Anglo-Saxon pagan gods overall(Tiws-day, Wodens-day, Thunors-day, Frigs-day)


MHC wrote

Learning plain English.