Submitted by dele_ted in konsent (edited )

Konsent is now online on a free server! It's not ready to be used for decision making just yet, though. The purpose of having it online is:

  • Giving people an impression of Konsent, without them having to host everything locally

  • Making testing easier

  • Making concept development easier

Now, go ahead and rip it apart. If you find any bugs, report them on GitHub or with a new post in this subraddle. Check the sidebar for more information on how to submit a bug report.

I created a new union called Raddle, the password is "VeryRadPass".



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote


Not getting a secure connection to make a password though.


dele_ted OP wrote (edited )

No TLS/SSL at the moment. The platform isn't ready for actual decision making yet, as i explained in the post. Passwords are of course encrypted in the database, and hopefully we can get an encrypted connection soon. Until then, don't expect your password to be safe.

e: You can of course add it to the issues on GitHub if you want!