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Count your blessings

Walk the line

Don't move too fast

Or fall behind

There are rules you must obey

They get re-written by the day

Don't do this - don't say that

Your every move is logged and tracked

By the all oppressive eye

Spy satellites in friendly skies

The new american century

Has only just begun

No one exempt from the tragedy

Counterattack start pushing back

Fight the power

That chokes your speech

Fight the power

That makes you bleed

Fight the power

That propogates lies

To keep you weak

Keep you in line

Fight the power that reigns you in

Divides and conquers

Defines your sin

Fight the power

For one and all

Before the power swallows us whole

No one dares to say a word

Our panic drives all human herds

In the land where cash is king

Our silence bought and sold for free

The future's banging on our door

When real I. D. Will be the law

Love thy neighbor and turn him in

It's call patriotism

The world is watching in disbelief

Chanting shame on you

How can you stand by so quietly

Letting them rape your liberties

You can't be bothered or concerned

You see no reason for alarm

Prejudice, religion hate

Usher in new mandate

Absolute and resolved

One nation under one god

Lack of interest has it's price

As we're stripped of all our rights

Those who cannot learn from history

Are doomed to repeat it!



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Erebus26 wrote

One of my favorite songs from them