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hasbrochem wrote

this is so fucking frustrating. there's always an excuse:

we need to fix the infrastructure...

we're protecting the environment

we're providing you with a "better/safer" place...


always some shitty reason to relocate indigenous people, force them off the land they're inhabited not just for generations but often centuries if not millennia. they're always ignored. always pushed to the back. always always always.


huguenot wrote

“There was no running water, no electricity. But a lot of people at that time had come from reservations, been on relocation, so they were used to living without electricity and running water. So it wasn’t that big of a deal,"

...yikes. I mean, it makes sense, but it sucks that the fed's attempts to evict them were just... already status quo.


subMedia OP wrote

More info on the struggle:

In Nova Scotia, Alton Gas has a hugely destructive plan to create salt caverns in which to store natural gas, by dumping the equivalent of 3,000 tons of hard salt into the Shubenacadie river everyday. This massive 50 year project would seriously harm the river ecosystem and put the health, livelihoods and rights of the Mi’kmaq people at risk. It is also in contravention of the Fisheries Act, which prohibits the deposit of “deleterious substances” into water frequented by fish.

This project does not meet the minimal requirements of consultation of local Indigenous communities. In January 2017, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled that Sipekne’katik First Nation was not properly consulted during the environmental assessment process. This consultation has still not occurred.

Despite not meeting the requirements to build their project, Alton Gas filed an application late February with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court to remove water protectors from the Alton Gas’s proposed project site.

Since September 2016, Mi’kmaq water protectors have been asserting their rights under the Peace and Friendship treaties by building infrastructure (the Treaty Truck House and then the Treaty Camp) on Shubenacadie River. For over 2 years, they have permanently occupied this site, effectively preventing the company from breaking the provincial, federal and treaty laws.

Now, in a surprise move, instead of opposing the Alton Gas project for not complying with federal regulations, the Federal government is looking to make completely new rules, just for Alton Gas, so that the project can go forward. This proves what Water Protectors have been asserting since last November: the current plan is not compliant with the Fisheries Act.


Cactus wrote

I was from Northern Ontario and my rez is one of the group that part of water, health and housing crisis. Moose Factory includes two rez that severely needed support. Many of the people voted for Liberals in hope that they upheld their promise to improve the living condition. On 2015 election, the largest voter turnout in ON was from First Nation community. Some of us, including me, naively thought this time would be different. Like every other colonists had done to this land, nothing ever changed after the election, it even became worse than before. The Liberals and NDP slapped tyrant laws on us in the pretense as aid, further putting our lives at risk.