The title of this forum; can we change it?

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in indigenous (edited )

In Canada people prefer "First Nations" and in places around Africa "native" is often a word that racists use.

"Native" is also typically used by certain US groups, in a way that makes the forum seem US-centric.

"Native" is a contentious word, whereas "Indigenous" is not.

What are thoughts on changing the forum to "indigenous"?

I would rather post less obviously radical stuff about indigenous people in an "indigenous" forum, but I feel uncomfortable with 'native', and end up posting to "Decolonisation" instead.


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zer0crash wrote

Native folks in the US refer to themselves as Native tho. Would you ask them to change what they call themselves? Other than learning it's used in a derogatory way in Africa, I wasn't aware it was a contentious word and I'm Yaqui.


tnstaec wrote

I'd considered making it 'indigenous' at first, but thought it was a little cumbersome compared to 'native'


ziq wrote

I always start typing Indigenous when I try to submit to this forum before I remember it's called native, so support.