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cretin OP wrote

July 12, 2021:

Chile registered this Monday arson attacks against trucks and machinery of forestry companies in the southern region of La Araucanía, after the death of a member of a radical Mapuche group in a confrontation with police.

Five trucks were burned by unknown persons who set up barricades and fired shots to scare off drivers on a route near the town of Ercilla, some 590 km south of Santiago, reported Pablo Urquizar, a regional coordinator whose task is to manage policies to strengthen public security in that area.

In the place, banners and leaflets by radical Mapuche groups were found protesting the death of Pablo Marchant, a community member who was shot to death on Friday in a confrontation between hooded men and police who were guarding a forestry company in the Carahue commune, in La Araucanía, which also left a worker seriously injured.

"I make an immediate call to all the leaders of the radicalized organizations to surrender their weapons and choose peace," said Urquizar.

Other attacks took place over the weekend in the area after the death of Marchant, who was part of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), a radical group that, through attacks against forestry firms and private properties, vindicates the demand of the Mapuche people for lands they consider their own by ancestral right.

This native people - the largest in the country - maintains a historical conflict with the Chilean State, which it accuses of having handed over the lands they claim to companies and landowners.

Araucanía and the neighboring region of Biobío - where the Police maintain a strong contingent of special forces - have suffered violence for decades, where in addition to Mapuche groups, self-defense organizations have been operating, while there have been some operations allegedly mounted by the forces of law and order.