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mockingjanthony wrote

"Illegalism - The open embrace of criminality as an expression of anarchism, particularly individualist anarchism. " i object to this definition and the framing of illegalism in terms of performance and symbolism. illegalism, long before anarchists have existed, has always been about direct action, seizing the means to survive, and support ones peers, as part of a broader struggle, or just to survive. its use as "expression" or for performative and symbolic reasons, is priveleged, and out of touch, often counter productive, and hindering its genuine practice by those who have no choice in the matter, but turn to illegalism out of necessity, that is, also those who happen to be on the front lines of working class struggle. those whome anarchists have often romanticized, and borrowed from, but rarely seek to engage in any meaningful way. its really problematic. illegalism is not an expression of anarchism, anarchism is a reflection of front line working class resistance, which is often centered around illegalist tendencies. correlation is not causation. know your roots.