2 arguments for insurrectionism

Submitted by mockingjanthony in illegalism

  1. the working classes cannot compete in the marketplace with those capitalists who possess dominant market share and overwhelming accumulation of capital. organizing co-operatively "outside of" or more accurately in augmentation to competitive sectors(since co-ops are still part of the market place, and competing with eachother and other forms of enterprise), is well and good, here and now, but these are limitted and controlled by the capitalists, and will be destroyed whenever they become a threat. At some point to tip the scales will require armed direct action redistribution, or else the working class organizing efforts will forever be indebted to and under the control of the capitalists.

  2. the people who have been raised under capitalist empire only understand violence, because violence is what our world is based on. it is the only thing capable of waking people up from the spectacle of consumer society, into the reality of active participatory social consciousness and responsibility to one another, to fight for, to defend, to aquire, and manage resources, land and power in better ways. as hedges say "war is a force that gives us meaning" not just us though, everything we do and say, it gives all things meaning, to those born and raised in warmongering societies. without a literal class war politic, all protest, direct action, co-operativism, organizing, education, or mutual aid will be a performance at best, part of and reinforcing, not in any way able to challenge the spectacle that is capitalist empire.



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ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

  1. The people that can actually lead a revolution to change the world aren't Westerners and suffer the most under the West's brutal boot. For them, insurrection is literally survival. If they don't fight back at capitalist neoliberal imperialism, their lands will dry up or be swallowed by the sea thanks to the West's out of control polluting. And that's if they're not bombed to death by NATO first.

PoisonDartFrog wrote

The only argument that really matters:

They take from us. We take it back.


mockingjanthony OP wrote

right, but then it encounters logical consistency issues, because either this works both ways, or its not really an argument. good propaganda tho!


theblackcat wrote

the people who have been raised under capitalist empire only understand violence, because violence is what our world is based on.

Trying to get privileged middle class white people to change isn't going to be very effective. They're too conditioned by capitalism and distracted by their bread and circuses to ever take up arms against the system in high enough numbers to matter. /u/PostCivver is right that Westerners are never going to bite the hand that feeds them. The insurrection would have to come from outside the West.