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nostateuniversity wrote

I don`t have any personal expierence but I've read about how selling lifted books can be good. Lots of Books can go for $15-20 a pop and shoplifting from Barnes and Noble is fairly easy.


DamnScalper wrote

Not worth it. Books tend to cost a lot when you add in shipping, and book prices are cut throat.


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

Prob shoplifting:

But if you get into ORC (organised retail crime), then you'll get a few years (say 2 - 5) bolted onto your sentence (depending upon your country).

Def avoid anything to do with: violence, drugs, or burglary.

Personally, I'd try to make a stack of cash then use that for legit shit (like starting your own buisness).


eous OP wrote

The margins are okay at best for me. I want something to supplement my lifting. Any ideas?


Mango wrote

You can raise the margin with car hopping, not as fun as shoplifting though. Less challenging, less risk.