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Was going to post in f/shoplifting since it's store related but didn't think I'd get any good answers. What would happen if I broke into a mall or other store after closing? Is it possible? How long would it take for the police to arrive?



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Bandit wrote (edited )

Depends on a lot. What kind of store? What kind of security is there? What's the lighting like there? Do you have a getaway driver? Do you have a lookout? What kind of tools to you have and how well can you use them?

You've gotta case a place, find out how you'll get in and get out, have a backup plan or two, and ideally have the entire thing planned with a sharp sense of how long you will allow yourself to be there.


shrug OP wrote

Suppose I wanted to break into a Walgreens for cigarettes, liquor, and pain killers. I'd go between midnight and three. It's a wealthy, low crime area, and on a street corner 20 minutes away from the nearest police station. There would be three people involved, included myself, my partner in crime, and our getaway driver. I can guarantee that nobody would rat anybody else out. The only part of our faces that would appear on the security cameras would be our eyes, and we all have solid alibis. We all know the store and the surrounding area very well, and could be in and out of the store in two minutes or less. We have access to police scanners. Could we get away with this?


sudo wrote

If you're talking about prescription painkillers, be warned that a lot of pharmacies will have 'bait bottles' with GPS tracking equipment inside. In the event of a pharmacy robbery, the thief may unknowingly steal a bait bottle along with other real bottles. The police could then use the GPS tracker to find the location of the thief and apprehend them. So if that's what you're planning, be sure to go to a remote area and check all of the pill bottles before you go home. Also be aware that there may be more than one bait bottle.

Here's a reddit thread where someone found a discarded bait bottle in the woods. Apparently the thief knew about them, so they went to the woods, checked their bottles, found one that was baited, and threw it away. If you don't care about breaking the seal on the bottle, open them all up to check for something like that (the police/pharmacy might be able to re-seal a bottle after baiting it). If you do, I guess you could shake the bottle/feel its weight to try to determine if there is anything besides pills in there.


DamnScalper wrote

You could build a large faraday cage to block GPS signals (or stick 'em in a thick metal trunk/box big enough). Just dump the shit in there, and gtfo.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Is there any risk to using a police scanner?


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

Not really, but when you break in you have to assume that you tripped a silent alarm and you might have 5 mins (depending where the squad cars are at) to work with.

Personally, I find burgarly isn't worth it. We have tough sentences here (and they can link you to other jobs, thus getting more jail time). I'd stick to low risk crimes that attract low times!


Bandit wrote

Looks like you're taking things seriously. Just based on what you've said, I think you can pull it off. I'm not from your country though and only have a little experience so keep that in mind.

What are you doing about your car and the number plates? Not just cameras at walgreens but potentially cameras around nearby houses etc could be a problem. There are a lot of cameras in rich areas where I live. (again, a different country).

Assuming that you know how to get to the painkillers and cigarettes in that short a time you sound like you're all good. I would have been concerned about these things being behind counters with potentially more security. The alcohol will be heavy but otherwise easy, I'll guess.

Happy to chat with you about this more if you like. It'll probably help me think about a break in I'm working on.