Good way to get back on track after being hit by the system ?

Submitted by blawk in illegalism

It's a long story, but my mother lost an insane amount of money in medical interventions that were truly necessary but somehow not covered by insurances. So angry about those companies that cost an arm but are useless whenever you need them. Right now, only income we have is her min wage plus my half time student job. With that we are supposed to sustain a family of four and I feel like we're not going to make it till I get my degree and finally get a job next year. I've been lurking around here for a while and figured you guys could be of some help, so I made an account. All this to ask if someone knew of a way to safely and quickly make some money on the back of those who rob us on a daily basis ? Just need a couple of grand in order to get through the next months. Was thinking of using some DN market though I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to do it safely.



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disfalo wrote

If I were you I would try to reduce my consumption if possible, maybe shoplift a bit and finish my studies. Get to be less dependent on money if you can, that's far safer than trying to steal desperately being inexperienced as you seem to be.


eous wrote

I second this. If you can, lift some lux flexfit Crest Whitestrips and Nicotine gum. Each package is worth about $50 on Ebay. You could also get other necessities.


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

If the OP has a car, even better as you spread the risk (so to speak), by travelling around lifting.

Anyway, a sad state to be in but hope you get sorted.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'd suggest you head over to f/Shoplifting and look into doing walkouts, especially if you live in the US (which it sounds like you do because healthcare isn't free). That would probably alleviate some of your burden.

Sex work is another option. Depending on your gender presentation you'd have access to various different kinds. There might be some set up cost but it's often good money.