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Ant wrote

You can destroy their property

Parked cop cars are pretty easy to do harm to, for example

One time a cop slapped off the side mirror of my car because I ignored his directions
a few days later there were a few broken side mirrors on cop cars in the police station parking lot

also if you're into graffiti you can spray their stuff with "40% of cops beat their wives" or "Cops are rapists" or any other such facts


eous wrote (edited )

Or ACAB. Slash tires. And if possible pour water into their fuel tank. If you're ballsy enough light the gas tank on fire. Steal their carburetor.


Mango wrote (edited )

if you ballsy enough to kill a cop, wait for it to get dark, go to a parked cop car, check if anyone in it or nearby, get a boltcutter and cut the brake hose next to a random wheel, you can do the opposite wheel to make sure it work. more sinister method is to cut the hose half way through, when the cop drive on low speed it will not affected but when they are on highway that require hard brake, the hose will break and tada.

research before you do anything, there are mechanic manuals online, read them, and practice before you do anything.


sudo wrote (edited )

Join your local communist party, and work with them to overthrow capitalism. Only through long-term strategy and organization can we hope to overthrow the police, and the capitalist system they serve. Any individual act of vengeance will not inflict any meaningful wound on the police as a whole, and will have a good chance of ending with you in jail. Victory is the best vengeance.

Edit: Yep, that's about the response I expected from the anarkids.


transtifa wrote

Damaging cop property is effective direct action


celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, I certainly don't endorse joining communist parties, but simply damaging their property is likely to be ineffective to disrupting a large police company. For example, like big corporations write shoplifting "loss" into their bottom lines ahead of time, the police agencies in many places have enormous budgets which will replace lost property at the expense of taxes. So I think that working with other people to constrain the ability of the police to operate is a more effective tactic, if at all possible, that actually might entail less risk in some areas for some people.


bloodrose wrote

So I was reading your comment and agreeing with it when I started to think about how government budgets work. If you want the same budget next year, you have to spend all of your budget this year. This means if you don't have to replace police cruisers, you still have to spend that money, which is how we wind up with police forces with military equipment. So, while I agree with you that one should not damage police property with the expectation it will fix a problem with police power (and should probably be avoided for self-safety reasons), I think the budget argument against it is not sound as one could make the argument that if the police had to replace basic items, they wouldn't have the budget for tear gas.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, that's presuming that it is possible to deplete their pockets, which may be true in some countries for certain direct actionists. However in my country the police are priority 1, they take up 50%+ of local government budgets, they will buy all the shit they need and then some, and use the vandalism as proof of "violence" which needs to be "contained". so i think it depends on how strong the state is, in a given situation.


sudo wrote

I would imagine their budget is itemized, meaning they probably have one section of the budget allotted to buying new equipment, one part for replacing broken or damaged equipment, and so on. If you slashed the tires of ten police cars, that would only affect their 'repair' budget, not their 'new military toys' budget. And I imagine the only effect it would have would be having them ask for a bigger 'repair' budget for next year.