What crime should I commit tonight?

Submitted by mentosgum in illegalism

Me and my friend are planning on hanging out tonight, and it's been some time since we've doing anything illegal. We're looking to have fun or make money. Preferably both. We live near many wealthy gated communities. We're close to a 7/11, a RaceTrac (24/7), Walgreens (not 24/7), CVS (not 24/7), two southern chain grocery stores (Publix and Winn Dixie) and a big mall about 20 minutes away that I would love to pay a quick visit to (wink wink). We're also close to a Wells Fargo and a SunTrust. What would you recommend we do tonight?


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fuckworldtrade wrote (edited )

Get some crowbars and look for vacant mansions. A pair of crowbars can be used to open doors. Start a crowbar as far away from the lock as possible (the bottom or top of the door). Open the door as much as possible, then insert the next cro-bar closer to the lock. Work towards the lock, each crowbar opening the door to allow for the insertion of the next one. Once the sequence reaches the lock, there should be enough force to pop a deadbolt out of the frame. This technique is used by firemen and criminals the world over.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Can't give you too much advice on which to commit, but the key to a successful criminal career is probably not blabbing about it on the Internet. :eyeroll: