Ball And Bruteforce With Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Fare Evasion - You can use a ball tied to the rope to cheat the sensor... or just force through the door lol invidio.us

Submitted by Notech in illegalism

Wasting tapes everyday on their sensors is fun but there's something else more portable. It's Balls, Strings. and Tapes. Get a tennis ball, tie garden ropes around it, around 1.5 m long, use tape to reinforce it. You must use black tapes, else the sensor won't sense it.

The second method is most direct and easy. LMAO you just force yourselves through the gate. That's it!


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nighttimeartwork wrote

WTF dude? Pickpocketting a wallet and using their transit card is soooo much easier. And more fun. :)


Notech wrote

Why'd you want to go through all that troubles when you can just bypass it?