Carhopping Lessons

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A few tips and lessons I’ve compiled over the last couple years I’ve been carhopping, for the noob.

-Protection —8 pack of vinyl gloves from Walmart is 1.09. You need these, no matter what. I don’t care if people say nobody is pulling prints, this is something I’ve never gone without and as a result have never ran into any issues. —Cover your face. Bandanas are .79 at Walmart. I just lifted these and the gloves but if you don’t wanna do that, they’re cheap and you’ll make the money back in one night. —I always wear a dark colored beanie and a hoodie. Hoodie makes it easy to tuck the bandana away and look inconspicuous. I also carry headphones and wear dark colored workout pants so if I start running, it looks natural.

-Gear —Backpack to store your new shit. It’s easier if it’s one of those drawstring bags but I use a smaller military style bag that I can easily hide somewhere if I need to start running. —Running shoes, obviously. —Flashlight. If you can get one that has red LEDs, that’s preferred. Red has the lowest wavelength and is harder to see from a distance and won’t fuck your night vision up. —Long sock. This is for keeping change so it doesn’t jingle around in your backpack. Nothing should be in your pockets except for the essentials: torch, maybe your phone, and that’s it.

-Scouting I always scout areas I want to hit a few days in advance. I do this by looking at wealth distribution within zip codes or cities. Larger cities and the surrounding areas have this information more readily available. I also compare areas based on distance from the nearest police stations. I find areas where I can park my vehicle and walk to my target area within a few minutes. I case areas based on how quickly I can move through it, the lighting, security presence, be it cameras or patrols. Obviously you would want to avoid ANY neighborhoods that have roving patrols. Most of the neighborhoods I’ve hit are they in the outskirts of large cities but are higher income areas. Don’t steal from poor people. That’s fucked up. I avoid apartment complexes. As tempting as they may be, there is very high visibility from all angles. I like higher end areas because of this... the lots are spread apart, and rich people like privacy. So trees, which are good cover from lighting. Flood lights don’t scare me and neither do security cameras because I’m gloved up and have a covered face. It’s nice to have facial hair and longer hair because I can change my appearance drastically if I have issues with being seen. The times to hit an areas are Sunday night through Thursday night, most of the time you can get by from 0100-0400 but 0200-0400 is the absolute safest time.

I start from farthest area from my car, and work towards it. This makes it easier to bail because the longer you’re on foot, the higher the risk of getting spotted.

Stay in the shadows. When you hear or see a car duck behind a bush on the side of a house or behind a vehicle. Never hide in one. Most of the time walking in grass is quieter than walking on asphalt or cement.

When you get to a car, lightly pull the door handle. If you feel resistance it’s most likely unlocked. Push your knee or other hand against the door and pull the handle all the way. This unlatched the door. I tend to slowly open it after wards to see how the vehicle reacts to being opened. Newer vehicles sometimes turn on their daytime running lights and if it’s facing a bedroom, that’s bad news. I’ve also had alarms go off on me even if the vehicle was unlocked. Sometimes on trucks, steps fold down and it’s kind of loud but I’ve never had an issue with it.

In my experience, minivans rarely have decent shit. I normally just skip those and target higher end cars than economy shit boxes, that also rarely have decent loot. Never hurts to look though. Pickup trucks that have decent money invested into them in terms of wheels, lifts, lights, etc will most likely have aftermarket alarms, so be prepared to bail.

I don’t steal firearms. Those are hard to get rid of. Cash, change, electronics like radar detectors, power inverters, phone cords are small, light, and have value. Sunglasses, jackets, leatherman tools, knives, narcotics or other drugs, things I can easily flip for cash that aren’t serialized and can’t be tracked are my main loot.

Tonight I got four pairs of Costas, a Passport 9500ix, leatherman, roughly $50 in cash and change, a torch, headlight, Series 2 Apple Watch that I can easily flash, iPhone cords, and a USB battery pack. Took about two hours for maybe $450-500 in profit if I sell everything.

I always sit on my loot for a few days then go out of town and pawn it. This reduces the chance of someone seeing shit I stole from them and reporting it. Pawn shops take ID so be careful with that. Some apps like LetGo and OfferUp will work with law enforcement to curb the fencing of stolen property.

If I come up with anything else I’ll add it in the comments.


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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

so this is a terrible thing to post but what if we made a dnm for anarchist fencing






Backintoit wrote

I mean it seems cool... I’m no anarchist but it would be a nice way to offload some loot lol