Vegas tips?💸

Submitted by TOKOYO in illegalism

I'm going to Vegas in a month and wondered how difficult and strict everything is down there. Is it really like the movies with all the security and people watching everywhere or will I be able to get away with basic pick pocketing and swiping chips? All advice welcome 😇🎰


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vegasthrowaway wrote

lol. i’m from vegas and yes it is really like the movies. you’re lucky if you have to deal with cops because private security that all the casinos employ will not hesitate to kick your ass and you probably won’t see them coming. you may be successfull pickpocketing but be aware the strip is full of cops (or at least their surveillance) to make sure homeless people aren’t there. it’s like trying to pickpocket in disneyland

and swiping chips? c’mon. they’re gonna see you


chadonion wrote

the strip is great for pickpocketing, also parking garages are a gold mine. (carhopping).. the strip is filled with crowds


vegasthrowaway wrote

carhopping on the strip is a great way to steal from either the working class folks who work on the strip or to fuck up a valet’s life. shithead move.