How to Make a "Coin Stick" to get free parking, free call, drink... or anything that accepts coin

Submitted by Notech in illegalism

  1. Go to Second Cup or Starbucks, get a bunch of wooden stir sticks. In the States, Sbux's stir stick will be green plastic. Must be flat stir sticks, the brown straw-like type doesn't work. Don't buy anything.

  2. Get a dime or nickel. Dime is best because it fits every coin slot.

  3. Cut one end of wooden stick into a slight long pointy head, make sure it's not too thin. If your stir stick is green plastic, you don't need to modify it.

  4. Tear out a long piece of the transparent tape. Must be transparent tape.

  5. Put the pointy end of the stir stick on top of the sticky side of the tape. Sticky tape must be large enough to cover both coin and pointy end over.

  6. Put the dime right below the even end of the pointy head.

  7. Make sure the coin nearly all outside the pointy head.

  8. Fold the tape piece over until it completely cover both coin and pointy end.

  9. Smooth the tape out. Then use a pair of scissors to cut out all the extra tape.

  10. Use a lighter to clean most of the leftover tapes that you can't cut. Do not overburn it. You know how you clean out unwanted part of a plastic thingy right? Same thing. Slightly and quickly hover the flame below the coin. Don't do this in a closed room or it will smell like burnt plastic.

  11. If your coin-stick is wiggly, do another layer of tape over with same steps above, make sure the tape must be all flat down, no folds. (just use the lighter's butt to smooth it out)

  12. You got yourselves a coin stick.

  13. Now make a kit! (Quarter/Nickel/Dime)

How you use it?

  • Insert the coin stick in the slot, like lockpicking, learn to 'feel' the area. Keep feeling it until you hit a spot that get pushy. You'll sense it right away, in fact some vending and parking machines have 'sticky' spot on the pushy area.

  • What you do next is repeatedly 'inserting' your coin, you'll have to mimic how a coin drops in the slot, by lifting the stick high then hit it down to the pushy/sticky part.

  • Some parking meter has periodically flashing light, orange or red, on the meter on default mode, when you 'insert' the coin stick the correct way, the light will flash the moment your coin hits the sticky/pushy part. Look at the parking indicator to check if the coin has been 'inserted'

  • Video tutorial (not mine but similar trick, however my trick was improvised to work with all machines)

This 'research' was the primitive development based on Samy Kamkar's MagSpoof. The reason why Coin Stick work is that it mimics the sound of inserted coins dropping into the slot. This was pioneered by Flea Market Socialist in his free parking video, however his version only works for those meters. I realised that plastic stick doesn't work as good as wooden ones.

I'll post a video demonstrating the method sometime this month.

Happy hacking.


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SylvetteSuade wrote (edited )

as an ex runescape player, I can grind, gonna take this to a vending machine and hit return to keep on gaining, that or free pricy stuff, fuck it, both. I'll have to of course test it first.


Notech wrote

If you are using quarter, either make the tip very thin, or use the plastic one. Cos the larger the coin, the harder it is to insert. Dime is easiest and quick to make.