Bypassing TTC automated ticket's gates - Part 2 streamable.com

Submitted by Notech in illegalism

Previous method https://vimeo.com/271581411

Explanation: The sensor will stay open as long as something hovers between the laser line while nothing touching the long sensors. What you can easily do, is to cut or rip out a square of black electric/duct tape piece, about 2 square inches is prefered, but any size is good enough to cover the entire square sensor. Notice: all you need to do is only cover one side, doesn't matter which. Before you exit the station, slap one on either square sensor ON YOUR SIDE BEFORE YOU WALKING OUT, NOT OUTSIDE. If it opens, and let out a short alarm, and showed the red side cross on the indicator, you've done it right. Do not worry about the alarm or the error, the gate now will stay open for as long as the tape still over it.

This technique completely defeats TTC and Metrolinx ticket gate system. There is no way for them to mitigate this method unless they replace all the gates, which will cost taxpayers millions. They might put more volunteers and fare inspectors at the main gates, however vast majority of stations have rear exits that have absolutely no monitoring. Do it there.

Have fun! Happy hacking!

Stay woke :)


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