What can I do with a social security number?

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I never thought I'd say this, but there are people who need [redacted].

I don't have the power to do that, but I do have a social security number and automobile license info and I want to make this military recruiter's life a living hell.

I already tried doxxing the asshole so the experts could take care of it but the "experts" don't give a shit about me or mine.

Former pacifist here so don't worry about sounding condescending--talk to me as if I was a little kid.


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Notech wrote

Impersonation with ID theft. In some place, you can request for personal info such as health and license that connected to a person in government office such as DMV, from their SSN or SIN.

The most damage you can do to a person when you get hold of their SSN/SIN is to use it to obtain personal info such as driver license, then subscribe those info to payday loans. It requires physical social engineering to obtain some info, so research your plan before you carry it out.

There is a black market for SSN/SIN, but if you only had one or even a dozen, you won't make money. Discreetly, you can learn hacking and start dumping SQL database of sites that require users to register for SSN/SIN.


alex_ wrote

immediate thought was identity theft

iā€™m sure folks on the dark web would find a good use for it


gone wrote

There's money involved. Nobody gives a shit about my kid:


but maybe they would give a shit about a government credit card that can pay for rooms at the Holiday Inn and proprietary software gaming.

I'm not very well connected on the dark web, to put it mildly, but thanks bunches for helping me brainstorm. I need new ideas and fresh input.