I'm very fucking angry. (Rant)

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Let me start this off by saying I am young (minor). I'm still in school. But today, a good friend of mine got fucking beat down by the most slutty, "popular" girl at our school. For no fucking reason. The girl, let's call her B, said that my friend, K, was talking shit. She WASNT. B went up behind her in gym class, pulled her by her ponytail, and beat her bad enough to fracture her nose and bust her lip. All because her pussy ass went behind her and sneak attacked her like we're in fucking GTA. K went home, and B got 3 days of suspension. In September, I got 5 days for punching a guy twice my size because I was scared for my safety. Fucking rich white girls, getting away with everything. B wants to be a model. That's gonna be really hard for her after what me and my friends are gonna do to her. Just needed to rant, and I guess this seemed a more appropriate place to do so.


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[deleted] wrote (edited )


xdiablita wrote

Sorry! Honestly I didn't realize how insensitive that was, I was so pissed (still am, but slightly less). As a girl who has more sex than a teenager probably should, I had no idea that offended other people. Thanks for letting me know!


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Kick her ass, sis. Just make sure you jump her where you won't get caught.


I_buy_shit wrote

A few of your friends with socks that contain master locks. You only need each person to connect 2-3 times on her face.


Aspiringfinessegod145 wrote

Aaayyyyyyyyy this for sure


I_buy_shit wrote (edited )

If you want to start making her life a living hell...

Steal her purse or just her ID. With that you can force Facebook and every other social media site to turn the account over to you. With each site there is an option to I forgot my password and do not have access to my reset email. You just scan the ID and email it to them and they should then turn the account over to you: I have done this a few times so I know it works.

You can open a checking account in her name, then write checks to power companies and other places that will never see your face. The checks will bounce. They will then get turned over to ChexSystems for collections. It will trash her current and future credit and it will keep her from being able to open a checking or saving account until the debts are cleared up.

Getting ready to take a bar so I will post more after I am not high as fuck.


Aspiringfinessegod145 wrote

Good thinking.


I_buy_shit wrote

Depending on how much you want to fuck this girl over...

If she drives, loosen all the lug nuts on her wheels. She should get to 20-30 miles before one or more tires fall off and she wrecks.

Fillup a gas container with diesel fuel and pour it into her gas tank. Her car will run like shit and produce black smoke.

Use a two part epoxy and squeeze it into the gap around her gas tank. She will never be able to open the tank.

Use the same epoxy if you want to lock her out of the car. squeeze it into every door joint and the trunk.

I am a huge fan of waging a protracted war. Do little things here and there over a long period of time. Fuck with her mental sanity for as long as you can. Then when you think she starts to fall into depression beat the shit out of her which will only push her further into depression or may make her go manic.


flicker wrote

damn. I wonder if you have done this to me for some reason


I_buy_shit wrote

If you are in the SE, drove like an asshole, endangered my life, or parked your car across two or more spaces then maybe. :)


Aspiringfinessegod145 wrote

Sounds pretty solid. Destroying terrible peoples lives can give someone the most intense sense of satisfaction imaginable.


MCJLB4PM wrote

bite her around the eye you cant fix a fucked eye lid