Best ways of making money on dark web

Submitted by Mimi111 in illegalism

Hi guys, I've heard that making money on dark net is fairly easy. Do you do it? If so, what is your favourite method? People say that buying results of fixed matches is one of the easiest ways, buying counterfeit dollar/euro bills also sounds like a good plan. But I'm a bit afraid because I don't know if these websites are legit or if they just want to scam me. So, if you have your favourite sites (that are trustworthy!) feel free to share them in comments.


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Spudnuts wrote

Maybe buy up cc numbers, then order stuff to an address that you have access to. Then sell said items?


haystacks_ wrote

  1. Buy CC numbers
  2. Use CC numbers to purchase BTC
  3. Exchange BTC for Monero (XMR) using an online exchange
  4. Exchange Monero for cash, or use for purchases online

Due to Monero's design, the paper trail that comes from the acquired CC numbers dead ends once it gets changed from BTC to XMR.


celebratedrecluse wrote

buying counterfeit bills has limited utility, because you can only really use them for relatively small cash purchases, ideally in a variety of locations.

you're not gonna be able to pay your rent or bills with fake notes, not with an acceptable degree of safety. That's how people get caught, the notes go to a bank, and it becomes easy to see who gave them the fake notes in those cases if and when they notice the counterfeits.


chadonion wrote

Selling tutorails and guides is easy money, i would recommend buying from "swimnotes" they are really good quality (on WSM or Dream)