Using a string as a plug spinner to open tubular locks with a conventional pick

Submitted by HolidaysLiftmyHeart in illegalism

The main security feature of tubular locks (washing machine, vending machine, etc) is that the pins are arranged in a circular way so that without the key previously picked pins will drop back in to their neighbors holes resulting in having to pick the same lock many times to achieve a full turn.

I was thinking that by using the pen as a mere tensioner, the lock could be picked pin by pin.

Then working in the same principle as slamming a door to remove a tooth, or the opposite of a weed wacker, the pen barrel could be quickly torqued by pulling the two ends of a string.

If you managed to pull it off correctly the pins would quickly jump through the whole cycle and result in instant success.

This method works when the source of torque is a wound spring.

The other idea I had would be to use wire wire around the pen barrel to variably tension a series of Bobby pins. Basically copying a professional tool.

In the same vein I feel that the right thickness of notched paper or foil could achieve the same 'instant' results one gets from a prof tool.

Just some thoughts.

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