Got stopped by police suspected car hopping but let go. Should I worry?

Submitted by Davision18 in illegalism

Ok so it was like 530 ish I just missed my transportation and decided to check a few cars, the parking was a u shape, went around the U real quick and on my way out torward the main street saw a buncha cops driving by. I walk across the street to bus stop and like 4 pull up. Do the usual, ask what I'm doing blah blah. I live in the west and the electric scooter thing is going on here, I charge them and get paid. Theres a map that shows missing ones to collect, and alot of people take them and put them .ok n there cars and wait till a high payout.

Anyway i deny, explain I was dropping off scouts, and looking for others, they didnt seem to care. They cuffed me and checked all my.pockets, they found a 20 dollar bill, a bag of change, a brick style phone charger battery, and a few gift cards but they just fell out of my pocket on the ground they didnt even look. The cop told me never to come back to the city ( I live in ) told me if they get a single call they know where to look. One cop tried telling me I couldn't just have 20 l$ cause I'm unemployed the last two months.

One cop waited for me to grab the bus then prob went and checked over there. 3 days and no one has come or called. They never checked any property, took pics or anything.

Should I be worried? They totally were harassing me, and thank God I didnt have a Gps or anything to go on. Ot goi g back. I think that was my sign to stop 4 good. But what can they do? They took nothing , and only saw me walking across the street, then let me go.

One cop squee,ed my balls like oranges tho. Please help calm me down.


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Pop wrote

I feel pretty confident that you're fine, if they had anything on you or cared they would have arrested you

Fuck those cops


Davision18 wrote

Thanks man yeah I'm sure if I was right by a vehicle it may have been a different story. Fuck police indeed the way I was treated I def. Could have filed a complaint, or if i was black you know I'd be in jail. Sad world. But dont kick the beehive even if they are covered in shit and stinging you for no real reason.


xdiablita wrote

"Never come back to the city"? Fuck cops, man.