Breaking into cash register in store?

Submitted by Drshoplifter in illegalism

I do a lot of shoplifting and sometimes sell the merchandise. But I’d like to try breaking into cash registers, I have tools to pick the lock in less than 10 seconds so that’s no problem. But does anyone have any suggestions for me?


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thebootyholebandit wrote

This one is risky because of all the cameras, LP and more that watch the registers however you don't need tools to do it, once a sale is made the registers automatically open (this is so they can give change and store coupons and receipts).


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

If possible. Try and get hold of the uniform for that store. Maybe people sell them on ebay. At least you'll just get a glance and the LP will move on. And as previously mentioned. Do it quickly and get out. Timing is everything in crime


Amberzey wrote

Unless you're in and out ridiculously fast, not sure how you'd pull it off. Depends on employees milling around and undercover LP. Whatever you do, good luck.