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MichaelPemulis wrote

Dude... this is not going to end well. I'm not sure how old you are, but if your parents are confiscating your personal property I imagine under 20. There's going to be serious repercussions and it will look incredibly bad if you break into your grandfather's house to steal guns your parents confiscated from you. What if your parents/grandfather decide to get the police involved? What if they say they're worried you're going to harm yourself or other people?

Just play whatever game your parents want you to play and wait to get them back. Doubling down on this shit when you fired a bullet IN A HOUSE is unquestionably not the right way to go about things. You need to be much more sly and diplomatic about this.


Drshoplifter wrote

They’re mine I paid for them. An accidental discharge isn’t against the law and the guns are in my name. I’m 25


Aesbeth wrote

Accidental discharge is an euphemism for "I didn't respected basic gun safety and I should go back to step 1 of gun training AKA don't touch a fuckin' gun as long as I can't recite gun safety in my sleep.'