Ways to destroy a billboard

Submitted by alqm in illegalism (edited )

Brazil is nearing the next presidential elections and there is a far-right candidate promoting the same shit Trump did. He's being seen as the savior of the country, an ex-military full of hate against minorities.

Anyway, businessman from many cities have been raising money to set billboards with the candidate's face on, a brazilian flag in the background and some phrase of effect. Anarchists from other cities have used graffiti to sabotage them. I'm looking for more ways to do it if it happens here.

Let's start with "can it be burned?"


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ziq wrote

Keep it simple. Something you can do very quickly without getting caught. Elaborate repainting will mean it'll take you all night and you'd only only be able to do one. Instead, add a simple alteration to multiple billboards in one night. Maybe something to show he's a fascist, or a tool of the rich.


alqm wrote

I simply wrote "vote null" with the anarchism symbol, white paint over black background, right over his face.

This candidate was stabbed in the gut today. He didn't die, unfortunately.


a7824 wrote

If you can think of a clever way to alter the text then go graffiti as many as you can. Don't do anything that will take too long and hide your identity. Maybe you can burn them if can you pour or spray some flammable liquid on it but be careful and make sure it won't set fire to anything else.


selver wrote

I'm guessing you're talking about a billboard?

Edit it. Add something to the slogan that will confuse people. It's not all that difficult if you can get access to a printshop.


irobyou wrote

Fill small balloons with paint mixed with water and paint removal and throw it at his face.

Since you’re in Brazil, you can also throw molotovs at it.


rot wrote

Paint rollers would probably be the most effective for covering them up.