Best way to make money?

Submitted by Drshoplifter in illegalism (edited )

Im an expert at shoplifting, but the most I have ever made was 500 dollars in one day. Anyone have an idea of making more money? Is fraud more lucrative?

Edit: and I stole 2000 dollars merchandise to make that 500.


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Pop wrote

Depends on who and where you are

sex work is good

lots of my friends trim weed for money

those are basically the two ways most people I know make their money


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

I've seen before. Your good at shoplifting. In fact your awesome at shoplifting. So use that and put it on sites like mercari and ebay. And to avoid any suspicions on your bank account. Get a Wal-Mart travel money card. Buy stuff on it and take It back later in exchange for cash. Easy tax free cash 😂