Looking for resources on the vulnerabilities of surveillance cameras

Submitted by alqm in illegalism

The small rural town where I live has installed dozens of cameras in strategic places.

The cameras are installed on a tall lamppost. It is hanging outwards, to get a better view. A dark bulb surrounds it. A box with wiring and stuff is near it, on the lamppost.

The local news article says they are HD cameras with 180º of view and capable of recognizing facial characteristics. This makes it more risky for graffiti painters to leave their messages around. They have to cover their faces when approaching downtown.


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dele_ted wrote

They might be online with a few ports open, see if you can find them using Shodan. If you do find them you can start vulnerability testing from there. You might also be able to find a login page for administration, try some common default passwords. Make sure to respect OpSec.

Try opening up the box and see what's in there. If there's any ethernet cables (more than likely), you could plug in something like a LAN turtle to get a better understanding of things and access to the feed. If there's display cables (most likely VGA, might be HDMI too), you can either plug those out/cut them to sabotage the feed, or move them to a raspberry pi streaming a copy of the original feed (or some propaganda of your choice). I really doubt there's anything at all, but it's worth a try. Most likely, all cables are disguised and hidden out of the way, and you won't gain anything useful from that box.

You should also post this in /f/hackbloc.

If all else fails, grab a big piece of wood and get to work. Finish up with a grafitti piece reading "Stop Control".


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

If you get a flashlight put it next to you face and point it at the cameras it blurs your face