Books and royalties ?

Submitted by Wholesome_and_Angry in illegalism

If my friend wanted to shoplift books what would the moral implications of that be? It doesn't matter that the huge corporate bookstore will lose money, but it does matter to him if the author loses money. He wants artists to be able to survive under capitalism while creating art, and doesn't want to make that more difficult. So if he shoplifts a book, who loses out?


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selver wrote (edited )

I would assume that the store is who's liable for books being stolen, not the author. The publisher would sell their books to a store, and if the store can't protect it that's on them.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that, I don't actually know if that's the case.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

This makes sense! Except books sold to stores on consignment, and self-published stuff put in stores directly by authors, probably?


selver wrote (edited )

Yeah, it looks like chapters, indigo, etc don't pay consignment authors if the book is stolen. The rest of their books are from book vendors, and I think they cover that theft.

For smaller consignment places, it looks like it's on a store to store basis, and local law.