Removing stamp from a bus/train ticket

Submitted by ticketmaster in illegalism

I have a type of ticket I'd like to remove the stamp of.


Front side of ticket. Under the black and blurred part there is some regular ink. Two stamps have already been placed.

Backside of the ticket. There are types of tickets that can also get stamped here on the back, but at least that ink has to remain intact too.

What I've tried

Front side treated ticket with 85% ethanol solution. I dipped the ticket in the solution and also tried to dip it with a paper towel afterwards. The ethanol solution has a blue coloring added to it. Which shows up on the ticket. It also seems to dissolve the triangles a little bit and ruins the paper. I assume the paper is mostly ruined due to the water content of the solution.

When you compare the treated ticket and the front side of the other ticket the ethanol solution does dissolve some of the stamp's ink, but not entirely.

I also tried acetone, but that just dissolves most of the (black) ink around it, leaving black circles while not actually removing the blue stamp ink.

It seems like the ticket is unsurprisingly designed to combat solvent removing techniques.


Does anyone here have experience with removing ticket stamps? The blue ink removed while the triangles (and the backside of the ticket) are left intact.

It seems pretty impossible, but perhaps any of you have experience. If I get more tickets I'll test some more stuff and update the threat for future generations.


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ConquestOfToast wrote

So I don't know if this would work. But theoretically you could try to put a coating on the area for stamping that prevents absorbtion and then just wipe it off after use.


zod wrote

Great thread, they don't stamp our tickets here, but look forward to the answers anyway.